#013 – Conspirituality & The Medicine Journey with Rak Razam

by batteredsouls

Dylan Charles talks with Rak Razam to understand a shamanic perspective on the cultural challenges and divide we are witnessing in civilization as it responds to multiple emergencies, from the coronavirus to economic collapse and ecological devastation.

As the ego drive for control brings in a new world order of advanced technologies that track, surveil and entrain an increasingly distanced and traumatized global population, is there a larger process at work?

Are we undergoing a spiritual emergency that presages the emergence of something new?

Can we acknowledge the world grief of our unsustainable civilization’s collapse?

Are we in a planetary ceremony right now, facing our egos, our traumas, and our shadow?

And can we let go of blame, control and division to come together with a unified vision for a new way of being?

Rak Razam is a journalist, author, filmmaker, and an articulate spokesperson for the global psychedelic movement.


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