Battered Souls #050 – Heal to the Root with Amber Antonelli

by batteredsouls

Alright everyone it’s been a long time since I’ve published an episode, as I’ve been focused on other things. Super happy, though, to be back with this light and deep conversation about the African shamanic plant medicine, Iboga.

Amber Antonelli is my guest. Iboga provider, Bwiti initiate, and Co-founder of Awaken Your Soul Iboga retreats in Costa Rica, Amber shares her insight and wisdom on the transformational power of this extraordinary plant medicine.

If you are feeling the call to experience iboga, I encourage you to reach out to Amber at Awaken Your Soul. She has my highest endorsement for her training, sincerity, and presence.

You can visit her personal website at Amber Antonelli.

Peace and Power,

_Dylan Charles

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