Battered Souls #040 – Awaken the Healer Within with Dr. Roger Jahnke

by batteredsouls

In this episode Dylan is joined by Qigong master and author, Dr. Roger Jahnke. In the midst of a pandemic public health officials are usurping greater power over the individual to mandate medical procedures, and a discussion about awakening the body’s natural healer within is more important than ever. The greatest healer of all is within us, and costs nothing.

Dr. Jahnke brings a lifetime of study in Chinese medicine, Qigong, and Tai Chi to Battered Souls, and his wisdom and insight is medicine for all. This was the first time I met and spoke with Dr. Jahnke, and was immediately impressed with his kindness, sense of humor and commitment to truth and natural health. This episode is very powerful, so please enjoy and share!

_Dylan Charles

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